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My name is John Westhaver and I was involved in a car crash twenty years ago that left me with life-threatening burns to 75 percent of my body. The car crash I was involved in killed three other passengers who were in the car with me. They were my friends and this left me completely devastated.

I was just eighteen when this tragedy happened, and to say that my life had turned completely upside down is something of an understatement as there’s no real training manual that shows you how to survive and go on living after something as catastrophic as this has happened.

Twelve years ago, I decided to face my experience head on, and started to openly speak to audiences about the real and everyday dangers that exist on our roads, but more importantly, about the choices we make when behind the wheel. I’ve taken the approach of road safety prevention when speaking publicly, and my aim is to continue to inspire audiences throughout the US and Canada. To date, I’ve already carried out just under five hundred presentations, but there are still many out there that need to hear my message.

Road safety is paramount and the choices we make whilst driving can leave us with more than just physical scarring. It’s in those moments on the road, those tiny moments when we might lose focus, which can shape the outcome of our lives.

My Motivational Speaking has Already Helped Thousands

It’s my aim and now my life’s work to ensure that what happened to me never happens to another person. I’ve now taken the approach of supporting others that have been through what I’ve been through. I motivate those that are recovering from burns, and anyone that is, or will one day get behind the wheel of a car. And I do this by captivating my audience with humour and hope. Happiness certainly warms the heart and I use this throughout my talks.

My motivational speaking empowers the audience to:

– Set and achieve their goals
– Overcome fear
– Learn how to survive and overcome anything
– Find inner peace
– Move on after a traumatic event
– Take personal responsibility in a vehicle

If you are looking for a captivating motivational speaker that has literally seen and done it all, and one that has an extremely powerful message, book me today.

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John Westhaver
Burn Survivor / Motivational Speaker